Karanj oil


Pongamia oil is extracted from the seeds by expeller pressing, cold pressing, or solvent extraction. The oil is yellowish-orange to brown in color. It has a high content of triglycerides, and its disagreeable taste and odor are due to bitter flavonoid constituents including karanjin, pongamol, tannin and karanjachromene.

Organic Karanja oil is obtained by crushing and pressing the seeds of the Pongamia tree (Millettia pinnata), which is in the pea family. It possesses a marked ability to absorb sunlight in both the UVA and UVB spectrums. Indeed, pure oil can reach an SPF of 20. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is also widely used to combat certain skin disorders, such as vitiligo and herpes. It is used in cosmetics due, in part, to its soothing and anti-age properties.


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